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Precision Auto Repair

We fix problems others can't

3034 N Central Ave, Chicago, IL 60631, 773-622-3311

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We provide wide range of diagnostic services. All diagnostic services are guaranteed to be 100% accurate. This also includes problems related to the electric and electronic area of automotive technology. Computers, reprogramming, immobilizer issues are no problem for us. We use the latest technology, software, tools and manufacturer specific equipment used for diagnostics and programming. These, along with 30 years of experience, collaboration with top techs in the country and common sense approach allow us to diagnose your car right the first time and at minimal cost.

We offer factory scheduled maintenance, using top quality lubricants, additives and filters. It not only includes an oil change, but all manufacturer recommended services and checks. All cars have all the fluids checked and adjusted, tire pressure checked and adjusted, maintenance lights reset and safety inspection done . There is no nonsense flushes, fluid replacements, miracle additives and any other "services" that your car does not need. All services are based on manufacturer's maintenance schedule and recommendations.


We fix drive-ability problems associated with engine and transmission, failed emission test, warning lights (Check Engine, ABS, Air Bag, SRS, ASR and all other lights on instrument cluster), heating and A/C, charging and starting, instrument clusters, anti theft, entertainment systems, body comfort systems, computers and computer networks, etc., we program keys and re-flash (update software) on various control modules, suspension (also electronic), steering, brakes, water pumps, timing belts, timing chains, etc.

We offer top quality tuning at very competitive prices. Tuning or chiptuning is a safe, economical way to increase horsepower, torque, and overall responsiveness of your car. This process will take into account any modifications done to the car, eg. bigger turbo, bigger injectors, etc. Other objectives can be accomplished as well, increased fuel economy, cloning, IMMO OFF, virginising or CAT, O2, DTC delete for track applications. All files used for tuning are the best quality, tested solutions supplied by our partners in Europe. Tuning carries money back if not satisfied guarantee (fee) and free back to stock service.



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Our work


Precision Auto was established in 2000. We were located at 3611 N Pulaski at first. In 2005 we moved to 3034 N Central and that's where we are today. We specialize in hard to fix problems. We work on electronic, electrical, emissions, ABS, electronic suspension, check engine light and everything else few can fix. We mostly work on European imports like BMW, MINI, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, VW, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo, Saab. Precision Auto Repair offers fix the first time or it's free policy. We also warranty all our work for a year. We use a common sense approach in our shop. What does that mean? Well, we don't try to sell you a tune-up on an engine that should really be replaced instead. Besides repair and diagnostics we offer regularly scheduled maintenance using the best quality chemicals and filters. We also offer both performance and eco-tuning. If you come here for the first time, please have us do an inspection so you know where you stand. Thanks for checking us out and see you around.



Precision Auto repair Inc.

3034 N Central Ave.

Chicago, IL 60634


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